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Frequently Asked Questions?

How often do I need to attend?

Sessions are usually held once a week, at the same time every week with the same counsellor/therapist.

We offer daytime and evening appointments. Evening appointments are more popular, and you may need to wait longer than a week to get a slot.

How long are sessions?

The appointment last between 50 -60 minutes depending on the counsellor/therapist that you work with. If you are late, your session will still finish at the scheduled time. If you are very late, the counsellor may decide there is not enough time to see you but will arrange a future appointment.

How many sessions will I need?

While we cannot give you a precise number of sessions you may require, the usual number of sessions is 8- 12 for EMDR and longer for other modalities, but we review progress at every session and more formally at 6 weeks. In some circumstances, people remain in therapy for months and even years depending on their identified needs.

Some therapists use monitoring form to help you view your progress and be reviewed by your counsellor/therapist.

Can I cancel or miss appointments sessions? And what happens?

Most of the counsellors/therapist only come to the office for your booked appointment. If you cannot attend, please call the therapist as soon as possible, giving at least 24 hours notice.

Except in an unforeseen emergency, if you cancel your appointment in less than 24hours, you will be liable to pay for the missed session.

If you miss your initial consultation or the first of your regular sessions and do not let us know beforehand, we will assume that you have changed your mind and did not wish to go ahead.

Overall, if you find yourself missing 2 sessions and do not let us know beforehand, you may need to reconsider whether you are ready for therapy and you can discuss this with your counsellor or therapist.


Our service is confidential; your counsellor/therapist may make notes during, but usually after the session. These notes are kept securely.

Limits to confidentiality

However, there are legal limits to confidentiality - related to your protection and the protection of others; your counsellor/therapist will explain this and answer any queries you may have.

Counsellor emergency/illness

We will contact you as soon as possible if your counsellor cannot make the appointment, where ever possible 24 hours before the appointment. In an emergency, but may not always be possible to get hold of you before you have set off.

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